17th February 2013, Rafael Correa wins the elections and becomes President of Ecuador for the 3rd time. 42 days prior, he sails on an epic campaign of echoing songs, speeches and interviews for weeks on end as he tours the country with his team, always saying yes to a handshake or a picture when surfing a crowd of future voters.

The camera achieves to set itself behind-the-scene when he travels and at rally frenzy time-outs, searching to capture that odd inhibited instant where nothing is under control any more. Once caught, it unveils the duality of being a public figure, emerging through a display of actions, gestures, words and looks that, while hidden, always remain in sight for those who search.

In a campaign-distant black & white, the film takes a step back from the power's vain representation and disengages from the sarcastic ways of the media. Apart from being a historical document, it invites us to reflect on the country's contemporary way of doing politics and its "mise-en-scene".