Anabel Arias Gutiérrez

Anabel Arias Gutiérrez was born in Quito in 1978. She holds a degree in Cinema (BA) from the University San Francisco de Quito. She has worked extensively in the areas of production and direction in various projects for local and international TV and cinema. Some of her reference projects include the motion picture “Prometeo Deportado”, where she worked as General Producer; “Sin Otoño y Sin Primavera” (motion picture), where she worked as Production Manager; as well as several documentaries and institutional videos where she worked as Executive Producer, and in various reality shows for different countries. In regards to directing she worked as Assistant Director in the motion picture “En Coma”, as well as in the acclaimed TV series “Escobar el Patrón del Mal. She currently is the Executive Producer of Aji Producciones.